ElimuOnline is a digital learning environment based on the national curriculum of Kenya. Teachers can use elimu.online to enrich and improve their education.

At ElimuOnline you can find:

Content per subject: we offer practical to apply content for each subject of the curriculum.

Digital skills: we offer courses for teachers and principals to increase their digital skills.

General educational information: at elimu.online, we collect relevant policy papers, press releases and guides about education in Kenya for the schools’ management.

Digitally support education

Through ElimuOnline relevant and practical information for teachers and principals is easily accessible. Teachers are supported with materials that complement the national curriculum. We emphasize the practical application of knowledge by offering self developed “experience sheets”. These sheets inspire teachers to execute practical assignments and experiments in the classroom. These experiments can be executed without digital tools. Teachers prepare themselves for the coming “Competence Based Curriculum.

For principals, we offer courses that support them during the implementation process of digital teaching tools. Additional, we have created a repository with policy papers. Information that is not readily available to all schools.

All content at ElimuOnline is based on the

National curriculum

Teachers in Kenya are guided by the national curriculum that leads to the national examinations. Students perform better if they are able to apply their theoretical knowledge. Additional, their interest in subjects increase when digital lesson materials are used. Through ElimuOnline we offer teachers practical possibilities for both.

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