A portable education solution


An ElimuPi creates a portable educational hotspot which gives you access to thousands of educational resources without the need of an internet connection.

ElimuPi functionality

  • Portable

    The ElimuPi is based upon a Raspberry Pi and measures only 9 x 6,5 x 3 cm. Easy to carry and deploy in classrooms or training locations.

  • Battery powered

    The ElimuPi can run on grid power as well as on a battery pack which we can add on request. Ideal for remote locations.

  • Wi-Fi access point

    Any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to the ElimuPi. DEAN can provide tablets or laptops, but you can also use your own device, including phones, to access the ElimuPi content.

  • Offline educational content

    WikiPedia, Khan Academy, TED talks, interactive science simulations, books, country information, and much more.

  • Offline Android Play Store

    An offline Android Play Store allows the easy installation of Android apps without the need to have an internet connection.

  • Add your own content

    It is very easy to add your own content and make it available through the ElimuPi.


ElimuPi - demonstration

Curious what an ElimuPi can do for your school or organisation? Please contact us to make an appointment for a demonstration.

Open Source Initiative

The ElimuPi is completely based on Open Source Software. All source code is freely available through GitHub.

A complete package

A fully installed ElimuPi, including content, and training is available from 300 EUR or 35,000 KES.

  • Raspberry Pi model 4 - 4 GB
  • Solid casing
  • UK power plug
  • 16 GB SD card
  • 1 TB external hard drive
  • over 200 GB educational content
  • User training

Examples of ElimuPi deployments

at schools

on location

for training and coaching

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