Frequently Asked Questions about PC-Donation

No. Your hardware will be processed in The Netherlands and is granted a second life in Europe or prepared for recycling. This is how we prevent that your depreciated hardware ends up in a landfill in Africa.

More and more African countries prohibit the import of used computers to prevent illigal dumping of electronic waste. We buy new hardware in Kenya or Tanzania for our school projects.

Yes. SiSo IT Services, since 1991 a renowned company in ICT life-cycle management services, take care of the whole processing proces for PC-Donation. SiSo is NEN and ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2017 certified and gold partner of Blancco Data Wipe software. For every data device, you will receive a report stating that all data has been securely removed.

The value of your hardware is determined by its age, specifications and condition. The final value of the hardware is determined during the processing and datawipe proces by SiSo. Based on your initial inventarisation, we will make an estimation of the value onbeforehand.

Of course this is an option and we welcome each donation. However, if we process your hardware through PC-Donation we can realise a better revenue. SiSo supports PC-Donation by waving transport and processing costs. DEAN receives the final value without deducation of any costs. When you organise the proces yourself, you do pay for these costs. Depending on the types of hardware this can make a difference of more than 50% in the final revenue.

The most time consuming part of the processing of your hardware is the data wipe. Each data device is completely rewritten with zeros and ones to make sure that no data trace remains. This is done with certified Blancco software. The speed of this process is determined by the write speed of the data devices. For larger hard disks this process can take up to 30 hour per device. SiSo can wipe dozens of devices simultaneously, but it remains a time consuming part of the process.

The whole proces, including pick-up, quarantaine period, registration, physical check, data wipe and reporting takes at most 10 weeks.

The revenues from PC-Donation are used to finance digital education projects in Kenya and Tanzania. Think of, training and teacher support, purchase of hardware for the schools and the further development of the projects to ensure a perfect with the demands of the schools and government.

Our annual report provides details about our projects, results and finances.

Sure. When you have a strong preference for a specific project or project part, we can earmark your revenues.

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