10.000 trees

The first trees have been planted!

“Practical skills, awareness and greening”

This week we started planting trees in Tanzania. And the omens are favourable, the rainy season is in full swing!

Together with primary schools and local communities, 3,000 trees were planted this week. Another 7,000 trees will be planted at other locations in the coming weeks. As many fruit trees as possible are being planted at the schools so that in time they will also provide a supplement for lunches at the schools.

With the students of the schools, we did an ElimuLab activity. During this activity, pupils learn the importance of caring for nature by doing practical exercises and searching for and presenting digital information. As a result, students develop digital and 21st-century skills and learn to apply their school knowledge in practice. We believe that environmental awareness is also part of those 21st-century skills.

Led by students from the local agricultural university and some experienced foresters, pupils and residents planted the trees. The agricultural university also remains involved in monitoring the planting sites.

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