(Elimu is Swahili for education)

Establish a network of locations from where we offer a digital education experience through masterclasses, demonstrations, workshops, and training in order to strengthen teaching, learning, educational products, and practical skills.

At an ElimuLab we offer:

Decisions makers: inform yourselves thoroughly about the implications, possible impact and responsibilities before doing any investment in digital education.

Teachers:  increase your experience, skills and knowledge in the field of digital education, new didactic methods, teaching 21st-century skills and STEAM.

Students: access digital tools and services, play around, invent & create, learn by doing, amaze & challenge yourself and become an inspired learner.

A partner for your school

It is our vision that education can only be improved by digital tools with a balanced approach which connects the vision of your school with available hardware (tools), relevant content and skill development of your teachers. These areas should be equally balanced to generate positive results. An ElimuLab is a partner for your school in this process, maximizing educational impact through this inclusive approach.

All activities of the ElimuLabs are based on

STEAM and 21st-century skills

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education is considered crucial as STEAM knowledge is diffused to almost every aspect of our lives. For the future opportunities of students and the development of an innovative socio-economic climate, STEAM skills are required. Particularly in combination with 21st-century skills like creativity, cooperation, creativity, problem-solving, adaptability and digital literacy skills.

Social enterprise

Each ElimuLab is based upon a social business model which guarantees long-term sustainability. We offer affordable high-quality services and products for a broad educational audience. All revenues are re-invested to further increase our impact on education.

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