Support a project

Several projects

We have several education projects in different countries to which you can financially contribute. Your contribution enables us to expand our activities. This way, your support means more impact. On this page, you can find an overview of our projects.

One-off or recurrent

DEAN remains involved for a longer time with schools to create a maximum effect. We welcome one-off financial contributions but it is also possible to annually support a new CLASSworks project at a school. Thereby contributing to the continuous up-scaling of our program.

Product development

When existing solutions do not suffice, we develop our own. The ElimuPi server and the ElimuLab project days are good examples. For these, often one-off, costs we welcome financial contributions.

Support through hardware

You can also support our projects by having your depreciated hardware processed by us. The remaining value of your hardware is used for our educational projects.

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