Improve education in Africa

By donating your depreciated hardware through DEAN you contribute to the advancement of digital education at African schools. This is of essential importance for the perspectives and quality of life of the new generations and contributes to positive socio-economic change.

How does it work?

The market value of your hardware is what counts.

We do not send your hardware to Africa, but use the revenues for investments in digital education. These could be hardware, training, support or product development. Your contribution is reported to you very transparent in a narrative and financial report which you can use within your own Corporate Social Responsibility communication.

Data security

Clearly your data security is of prime importance.

SiSo and Aliter Networks are our processing partner. They have ample experience with secure data wipe and an audited process chain. Certified Blancco software is used to erase all data. SiSo is registered for all important ISO certificates regarding quality management, environmental management and information security management. Aliter Networks is a certified B corporation.


Donating your hardware comes at no cost.

By offering their processing services for free, SiSo and Aliter Networks contribute to the optimisation of the revenues. Only if the anticipated revenues are minimal (< € 500) we ask for a contribution to the transport costs.

What do I have to do?

We ask you to contact us by using our online form and provide some basic information about the hardware. We us this information to determine the expected revenues for our digital education project before we proceed.

SiSo staff contacts you about the practicalities of the process and agrees a pick-up date. After the pick-up SiSo processes the hardware typically within three weeks after which you receive a detailed report on the data wipe and generated revenues.

Yes! I am interested in donating hardware.


The following organisations have recently donated hardware.

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