Contributing to impact

We like to cooperate. By setting up partnerships, we have been able to provide high-quality projects, for no less than 20 years. We are looking for reinforcements in the areas below.



We continuously develop and implement digital learning tools, digital content and suitable teaching methods on schools in East Africa. We like to learn from experiences in the Netherlands and use methods that have already been developed.

Is your organisation experienced in this area? As publisher, trainer or supplier for example? We would like to cooperate with you to enhance the impact of our projects. Please contact us



We use existing software as much as possible. The specific circumstances on schools in East Africa sometimes require made-to-measure solutions.  We are looking for support in the area of:

  1. the development of our educational server (Raspberry Pi, Linux)
  2. our content platform (apache, mysql, php, dhtml)
  3. the integration of 3G/4G to realise internet access on schools
  4. the optimisation of Wi-Fi connectivity of the Raspberry Pi

Does your company have the know-how to contribute to this and enhance the impact of our projects in this way? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


DEAN’s impact is larger with involved partners. To expand our network and to involve more people in our projects, we are looking for a marketing and communication partner.

Does your company have the knowledge and time to occasionally edit a film about DEAN’s projects? Or is your organisation in the position to increase our visibility? We would like to discuss the opportunities.



Good hardware is an important part of our digital education projects. We use new tablets, laptops and Raspberry Pis at schools to support teachers in their lessons. The acquisition, configuration, installation and management of hardware requires a lot of capacity.

We would like to discuss the possibilities with you if your organisation can help us lowering the acquisition price of hardware.


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