Digital classroom-in-a-box offering all functionality for digital education at any given location.

Making digital education possible in as many places as possible is the objective of the portable digital classroom, the ElimuPi.

The objective is to offer educational institutes an affordable, safe, modular and autonomous system which can be easily deployed at any given location.







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Raspberry Pi

The basis is a Raspberry Pi server which establishes a local network on which tablets and other wifi based devices can login to access educational content. The Raspberry Pi offers access to selected educational apps and other digital content through Android Apps and a local web server. It is easy to add your own content via an external data carrier. Optional is the possibility to create Internet access through a mobile phone network.


The ElimuPi is currently fully functional and being used in several projects in East-Africa. We want to further develop the ElimuPi and add extra functionality to make it more versatile en easier to use. Examples are a solid housing for the server and the different components; a simplified process to add content; a smart power supply that switches between grid power and alternative sources; an improved interface, etcetera.

We offer all software and manuals under a Creative Commons license. Soon, the first version will be made available.

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For the up-scaling of this and related projects we are looking for experts in different fields who are willing to contribute. If you are willing to engage yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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