Modular building blocks for STEM and 21st century education.

“Inspiration, creativity and collaboration”

Technology offers inspiring ways to teach children 21st century skills. During our trainings, we challenge them to explore, collaborate, solve problems, be creative and communicate. Using technology that is new to them triggers curiosity and enthusiasm.

Last week we introduced littleBits, a modular set of magnetic input-output devices. By putting them in a logical chain, the children can build their own devices. In this case, they build a vehicle. While doing this they learned about the working of the different parts they could use. Some measure sound, react on light and darkness, measure temperature, regulate current or show values on a display. By putting them together, they can trigger events and use them to create a reaction.

Additional to learning about physics it teaches them to “programme” with physical elements using logic and creativity, while enjoying learning!

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Hardware arrived

The hardware infrastructure for three projects arrived in Tanzania.

“We are happy we can start using this hardware in the classrooms in Tanzania.”

Today we successfully imported the hardware for three projects in Tanzania. There were some unexpected challenges due to the continuously changing import regulations of the Tanzanian government which caused a slight delay.


Nevertheless, we are happy we can start using this hardware in the classrooms in Tanzania with the teachers we have trained in June.

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