The first CLASSworks project of 2022 has been realised in cooperation with OpenPeople

“OpenPeople as a force for good

The first school in 2022 where we have implemented our CLASSworks programme is New Mab River Home Academy, a primary school on the eastern coast of Kenya. In one week, twelve teachers were trained in using ICT in the classroom.

What makes this project special is that it came about in cooperation with OpenPeople. An employee of OpenPeople went to Tanzania for us as a consultant years ago to give refresher courses in project-based working to DEAN employees. He then got involved with this primary school via The Mission foundation which improved the conveniences at the school. The next step was improving education via ICT for which DEAN was approached and which means we have come full circle.

OpenPeople pays the costs of this CLASSworks project from its OpenPlanet mission. Its owner, Philippe Metz, wants to deploy OpenPeople as a force for good to give meaning to the world. The school is responsible for the accommodation of DEAN’s trainers during the six weeks of training we will provide within the CLASSworks programme in the coming two years. In this way we create a support base and involvement at the school.

The first week of training has been completed and was most successful. The teachers are very enthusiastic about the new opportunities and now start working with the tablets and the digital content. They are remotely supported by DEAN’s trainers. The second training will follow in a few months’ time.

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