Killing three birds with one stone

PC-Donation, a cooperation between SiSo and DEAN

“The solution we have found with DEAN is ideal.”

Sustainability and cybersecurity. Two issues that do not only concern every company in the Netherlands, but are – both – also a hot topic. Lesser known than these terms themselves is the fact that there is a simple way to take action on both counts as a company, and also contribute to improving education in Tanzania and Kenya.

How? This three-stage rocket is made possible by Digital Education Africa Network (DEAN), and the key is in the processing of depreciated hardware. Putting an old laptop out for the dustmen is obviously not a good solution for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is not sustainable: in many cases it is still possible to give parts of the laptop or the entire laptop a second life, in whatever way that may be. However, there is also another very important reason, and that is data security. A lot of your hardware, whether a laptop or for example a printer, contains data you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. A printer remembers the last page it printed. What if that page contained sensitive information on one or more of your clients? You would rather not put out that printer for the dustmen where it is within easy reach of a clever cybercriminal.

The secure answer
As an organisation, you can hire a company that securely processes your hardware, but you can also donate it to DEAN. In cooperation with SiSo IT Services, they will make sure the hardware is processed without the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. This subsequently contributes to the digitalisation of education in Africa.

That is not done by shipping the hardware to Africa: the equipment is made ready for reuse, then sold and the revenues are used by DEAN to ensure digital education modules and tablets are deployed in Kenya and Tanzania in school classes. Why we do this in that way? Ed Alting Siberg, director and major shareholder of SiSo explains:

“In the past, depreciated hardware was often shipped to Africa to be reused. The CO2 footprint of a device, however, gets so large that many organisations do no longer want that. The solution we found with DEAN therefore is ideal. Parties who donate their hardware will also be informed about where their devices are sold. And we advise about the several options available for that.”

SiSo IT Services
SiSo offers a fully secure way of processing depreciated hardware. The company works with certified wiping software so that all data is removed from a device before this is given a second life. With a standard ‘cleansing’ of a device, Wi-Fi settings are still on the system, for example, and in that way, cybercriminals can still use the depreciated hardware to gain entry to a company network and consequently to client data. To really remove all data, including that type of settings, SiSo uses Blancco software, a company with 17 years of experience in this field. Their software is certified by NATO and the Dutch government.

Do you want to create social impact by sustainably processing the old hardware of your company, and be guaranteed that your data do not fall into the wrong hands? Please contact DEAN via

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