CLASSworks expansion

CLASSworks in Tanzania expands with four new schools

“We are happy we can start using this hardware in the classrooms in Tanzania.”

In collaboration with FT Kilimanjaro the CLASSworks program is launched at four primary schools in Tanzania. During one week, teachers are trained in the use of digital content and tablets in the classroom. All schools received twenty tablets and our ElimuPi, a server with an enormous amount of digital educational content that is available without the need for an internet connection.

We support the teachers for a minimum period of two years. The first training is primarily focused on familiarising the teachers with the digital tools and how to find the content. As a first step, they will fit this into their lessons. During follow-up training sessions, the emphasis shifts more and more toward new teaching methodology and competence-based education. This structure allows the teachers to modernize their education gradually.

After the plenary training days, we join the teachers in the classroom. Supported by DEAN, the teachers make use of the tablets and digital content in their lessons. For most students, this is the first time to come into touch with this kind of technology. Besides a lot of excitement, this results in many questions. An important lesson for the teachers is that they can tell the students if they do not know the answer right away and take the time to come back to it. DEAN is always available for support, if need be. Indicating that you do not know the answer is unheard of and frightening, but it also comes as a relief.

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