Continuous support

Teachers receive weekly assignments to develop their skills

“Hybrid support for teachers”

Today, the first teachers have access to ElimuOnline. ElimuOnline is a nice addition to our CLASSworks training curriculum consisting of four school visits with three training days each. During each visit, a DEAN trainer trains the teachers in the use of digital tools in the classroom. This happens both in plenary sessions and in the classroom. Through ElimuOnline, it is possible to guide teachers online in between our physical school visits. The primary objective is to stimulate teachers to apply what they have learned by means of practical examples, background materials and weekly assignments.

We gain a better insight into the specific challenges teachers face and are able to monitor the pace in which the different CLASSworks elements are applied. This offers useful information for the further sharpening and personalisation of our training and support. In-person training at the schools will be even more geared towards the specific needs of the teachers.

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