Practical assignments

Students bring their theoretical knowledge into practice

“The application of knowledge enhances understanding and contributes to better results.”

An integral part of the CLASSworks program are the ElimuLab practical assignments. Led by a teacher, students work several hours on different assignments within a theme. We choose the environment as the theme since we are of the opinion that environmental conscience should be part of 21st-century skills. At the moment we have two subjects within this theme: climate change and waste.

Students use tablets to find information on the ElimuPi about the chosen subject, for instance, climate change. They use this information to make a presentation for their fellow students en formulate a possible solution to the problem. Subsequently, they receive the task to make a plan for the planting of trees around the schools and answer all kinds of practical questions. Where to plant the trees? How many trees can we plant? How much CO2 do the trees compensate? How should we treat the trees? Etcetera.

By making use of their curriculum knowledge they can answer these questions provided that they do the right practical measurements and calculations. Additional, they use the different tablet functionality for calculations, making a planting scheme or finding information through which they develop their digital skills.

The ability to apply knowledge is important and one of the biggest concerns of  Kenyan employers. In a survey done by the Association of Kenyan Employers, they indicate that school leavers miss the ability to apply their knowledge and lack social and digital skills. Through our ElimuLab practical days teachers experience that the application of knowledge contributes to a better understanding and better examination results. Additional they close the gap between school knowledge and their practical application.

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