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Signpost and DEAN start a collaboration

“Same work field, different context”

We proudly present our new partner: Signpost. “Signpost supports schools, employees, teachers and students with digitisation in education. They do this with a comprehensive approach combining hardware, software and training”. We could have written this text from the Signpost website about ourselves and it illustrates why Signpost and DEAN are such a good match.

Signpost motivates its choice for DEAN as follows: “Education drives everything we do. We’re passionate about helping teachers, lecturers, researchers, and students get access to the digital tools they need. We also want to help in places where digital access is more difficult. At the end of 2021, Academic Software signed a partnership agreement with DEAN, an NGO supporting digital education in Africa. The focus of this partnership is on a long-term relationship where we support DEAN in projects aimed at improving access to digital resources for schools in Kenya and Tanzania”.

Signpost will support us in a number of areas.

Signpost’s educational experts will – together with DEAN’s trainers – further develop our current training courses for teachers and school principals

Signpost’s hardware department will advise us in the field of hardware

Signpost’s audio-visual department will edit our raw footage and create short videos that allow us to better show our projects and methods

Hardware Signpost can no longer use for its own projects will benefit our CLASSworks projects via our PC-Donatie campaign.

We are of course very pleased with this cooperation and look forward to the resounding results we will achieve together.

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