Coding bootcamps

Digital skills for youth in Kenya

“I am happy that I attended that training, it was not in vain and will encourage all youth in Kibera to learn the skills so that they can change their tomorrow lives today”

Only a few young people in Kenya have the opportunity to learn digital skills, although the labour market increasingly asks for those, also in Kenya. To increases the chances of young people, DEAN offers coding bootcamps.

Learning to code entails more than learning a new world language. It stimulates critical and logical thought and learns young people to think in solutions. In this way, they can experience that they are able to create and improve something themselves. Something they do not learn in today’s curriculum.

Learning how to code enhances the future prospects of young people. For jobs within, but definitely also outside of the IT sector, these digital skills are valuable and appreciated.

We organise these bootcamps together with secondary schools and youth organisations. For a week we immerse the young people in a new world in which they learn the basic principles of coding.

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