Jointly reflecting on the DEAN approach

“Inspiring, motivating and constructive”

On February 1st, we contemplated and discussed about the further detailing of the social business model of DEAN. During two and a half hours, we reviewed the different aspects of our approach with a focus on the creation of a partner network in The Netherlands and Africa (Kenya) with a shared vision on educational improvements and the creation of better opportunities for children. It was very inspiring to receive approval for our approach and vision, eye opening to discuss different views and constructive to pinpoint areas of attention.

De Staffing Groep has hosted the evening and we thank them and all participants for their contribution. In the coming months we will organise similar sessions for further discussion and practically layout different activities.

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Hardware arrived

The hardware infrastructure for three projects arrived in Tanzania.

“We are happy we can start using this hardware in the classrooms in Tanzania.”

Today we successfully imported the hardware for three projects in Tanzania. There were some unexpected challenges due to the continuously changing import regulations of the Tanzanian government which caused a slight delay.

Nevertheless, we are happy we can start using this hardware in the classrooms in Tanzania with the teachers we have trained in June.

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