A program that exists for 20 years

“Much more than just the hardware”

In 2003, DEAN – as Viafrica – implemented its first computer room in Tanzania. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of schools in East and West Africa. It goes without saying that a lot has changed since those first projects, but the basis for the success of our CLASSworks programme remains unchanged.

The most important factor is the fact that schools are the project owner and also feel they are. We achieve this by asking a financial contribution from the school, among other things. We thus intentionally raise a threshold, which means a school consciously chooses to participate in CLASSworks. At the same time, the school becomes DEAN’s client and can therefore make certain demands of our services. We actually encourage this.


The contents of the CLASSworks programme is based on Kennisnet’s ‘4-in-balans’ model (only available in Dutch). In short, Vision, Expertise, Content and Infrastructure should be balanced to achieve positive results. We achieve this by organising regular knowledge sessions with school principals in which we set realistic aims and support the school principals in translating those to their teachers. Teachers are supported by DEAN for a minimum of 2 years, so they have enough time to gain knowledge and experience. During this period, we regularly provide training courses, visit schools for support in the classroom and organise practical and stimulating activities at the school. In this way, the available educational content which is based on the national curriculum and tablets enrich the lessons. Students develop digital skills, better understand the school subjects and develop 21st-century skills thanks to the introduction of new teaching methods.


It is inspiring to notice that schools appreciate and accept this approach. We regularly get the feedback: “You are different”. And that is a compliment in this case. Different in our approach of schools, different because we are involved for a long time and different because we strive for an equal relationship.

With a service record like this, it is about time CLASSworks gets a face of its own. We therefore proudly present the new logo in which vision, expertise, content and infrastructure are represented. We hope to support numerous schools in their educational transitions in the years to come and thus contribute to the perspective of many students.

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