New workshops

With the support of two consultants we are going to develop new workshops

“The challenge is to develop relevant and practical workshops that enable teachers to add new elements to their existing practice.”

The coming period DEAN will expand its existing training portfolio with 10 new modules in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education and 21st-century skills. Our objective is to inspire teachers to add new elements to their education through practical and challenging workshops. This can be the use of digital education tools or new didactic work methods which make an appeal to communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills of students.

Within our partnership with De Staffing Groep we are able to send two experienced teachers to Kenia to work for three weeks with our local partner Viafrica Kenya on the development of these new modules. During these three weeks they will evaluate existing training and workshops and develop new workshops in collaboration with our trainers and teachers.

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