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Techforce1 supports DEAN’s mission and offers its technical know-how for the further development of the ElimuPi.

“It is great to see specialists sink their teeth in the envisaged improvements.”

On Thursday 17 February 2022, the cooperation kicked off with a hackathon. For four hours, fifteen specialists of Techforce1 worked on a number of technical improvements of the ElimuPi.

Some of those are aimed at rendering the code more accessible, making it easier for other specialists (from Techforce1, the Open-Source Community or DEAN volunteers) to contribute.

Other improvements are aimed at the use of the ElimuPi server on schools in East Africa. They allow teachers to create their own lessons and accounts for students, so that they can monitor progress individually.

It is great to see specialists sink their teeth in the envisaged improvements. As a situation without an internet connection is assumed for the ElimuPi, a lot of creativity and knowledge is required. With Techforce1 we now have that at our disposal!

DEAN is therefore particularly pleased that Techforce1 has opted to complete part of its CSR mission through DEAN. We are looking forward to an inspiring cooperation.

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