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Upscaling with 100 schools in the coming 3 years

“Upscaling is necessary to increase our reach and to guarantee continuity”

In the coming three years, we plan to implement our CLASSworks program at a minimum of 100 schools. Herewith, we establish an educational improvement for 60.000 students directly and for future students alike.

Through the CLASSworks program, we support schools for a minimum of two years. In this period we take care of digital teaching materials (hardware as well as content), and train and support teachers in the application in the classroom. This goes beyond technical training. Together with the teachers the teaching methods are changed as well. Among others, through the introduction of activating learning models which results in a better understanding and the development of 21st-century skills like problem solving, creativity and communication.

After the first two years, schools can decide to extend the CLASSworks program. We will then further our training and coaching. All schools remain entitled to updates of their content. This way we ensure continuity and remain actively involved in the educational transition at schools.

The impact is not the sole reason for upscaling. By rolling out CLASSworks at more schools, we create economies of scale which enable us to continue the program and minimise costs. That creates the opportunity for more rural schools to join the program. Ultimately, this also translates to more impact!

Regularly, we collaborate with other foundations, like Stichting Tanzania Support or FT Kilimanjaro, that support schools in Kenya or Tanzania. Do you represent one or more schools in Kenya or Tanzania? Contact us to explore the options to introduce digital education at these schools.

School representatives can also express their interest by filling out this form.

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