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Stichting Digital Education Africa Network

Fiscal number: 8101.54.316

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 34154419

Statutory objective

Stimulate the use of Internet and ICT among companies and institutions in non-Western countries.

Three to five-year policy

Our policy for the coming years is:

  • to further specialise on digital education solutions and the supportive network;
  • to expand our geographic scope;
  • to increase our service delivery to schools with local partners;
  • to create a broader financial base for our activities.

Activity report

A narrative activity report can be found in our most recent annual report.

General policy

The general policy of DEAN is:

  • All initiatives should be able to sustain themselves without depending on long-term financial support.
  • Our focus is on the middle class.
  • Our focus is on digital education.
  • We work as much as possible with local staff and knowledge.

Board and compensation policy

The actual board composition and our compensation policy can be found in our most recent annual report.

Financial report

Our financial report can be found in our most recent annual report, also available in the default ANBI format.

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