Landscape restoration Tanzania

Involve youth in the greening of the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania

Impact and reach

This project involves the youth of ten primary schools in a landscape restoration project through which they develop environmental consciousness and apply their school knowledge








This project is a collaboration between Shambadarasa and DEAN. Shambadarasa focuses on landscape restoration and underlines the importance to involve the youth. DEAN has developed, so called, ElimuLabs, a series of practical activities aligned with the national curriculum.

This project combines both objectives. Together with schools and local communities, we are going to plant and take care of 30.000 trees in the Kilimanjaro region. All 3.000 participants will be trained about climate change and the positive effects of tree planting and a greener environment.

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For the up-scaling of this and related projects, we are looking for experts in different fields who are willing to contribute. If you are willing to engage yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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