Life skill education

Digital life-skill training for youth in Kenya

Impact and reach

500 children and 20 guardians will be trained in (digital) life skills. Eight guardians will be trained to further support the pupils.







Essential skills

During a 10 week programme the pupils will acquire a mix of essential skills that help them in their life and further education. Through a combination of class-based training and computer-based assignments the pupils learn about life-skills while at the same time acquiring computer skills.

Digital tools

We train guardians and children at Community Based Organisations in the use of digital tools and life-skills development.

You can support!

For the up-scaling of this and related projects we are looking for experts in different fields who are willing to contribute. If you are willing to engage yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vacancies for this project


Co-develop training and coaching materials

Linux developers

For the further development of the ElimuPi

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